Hello Mist community. In this article we will describe the new “Weekly Recap” series, and we will give our first weekly recap (read below).

What is the Mist Weekly Recap?

We are excited to bring this new series to life, as we think it will give the community a little more insight into the work the team is doing behind the scenes. The team is still deciding whether this will be a weekly, or bi-weekly series.

Most of the work the team is focused on now revolves around code, code, and more code. Not every week we have “Sexy” or “Interesting” updates, as most of the…

As promised through our roadmap goals, the MistNFT Steam Store is now among us!

Check out the Steam store here, and Add Mist to your Wishlist! Note that the game is in the “Coming Soon” phase, so add us to your Wishlist:


This article outlines some of many positives to this news and how becoming a Steamworks Partner affects not only the MistNFT game but its community as a whole going forward!

To summarize the enormous benefits of joining STEAM:


One of the hurdles that we have faced throughout the process of development is skepticism behind the legitimacy and…

Event Summary

Alike to past Community Events, this one will give members an opportunity to have their creations live within MistNFT! In the future we plan to also erect a monument that will honor the winner(s) in-game!

As you know, each NFT item currently has 5 tier levels ranging from the 1st Tier (Basic) thru the 5th Tier (Legendary) and each tier will have a unique token address — so we want to have a unique token image that accurately represents the rarity/scarcity of each Tier. …

Ready to buy, sell, and flip Mist NFT items and Characters on a custom marketplace??

After a very packed few weeks of NFT Island go-live, Desktop Client alpha and testing, and a few NFT sales (which sold out quite quickly), we are ready to take the next step of the NFT Universe journey.

Mist’s very own NFT Auction House (AH) will go live this upcoming Monday at 2pm UTC. It will be live on the Desktop client.

Additionally, NFT Transfers from account to account will be available via the in-game Marketplace which will also be live 2pm UTC on Monday.

Auction House — How it Works


  • The Desktop Download for Mist’s NFT Marketplace is now available here: https://mist.game/download-marketplace
  • Download the Desktop Client to play the game/enter the marketplace (Will not be available on browser this time)
  • Character Class NFT sale will begin at 2pm UTC tomorrow (Tuesday) for $MIST tokens
  • Upgrade system for Items and Character Classes will be live 2pm UTC tomorrow as well, using $MIST tokens
  • Multiple strong use cases implemented for $MIST token (many more to come when new features and demos go live)
  • NFTs items you own are now visible on your character in-game (you can equip them)
  • To compensate the Asian…

In this article we will give an overview of three things:

  • 1st Edition character Class Airdrop Event and Sale
  • New Adventurer Class
  • Recap of our Marketplace launch (highlights and lessons learned)

1st Edition Character Class Airdrop Event and Sale

The Mist NFT marketplace will be going live in just a bit. Here are the final, important details regarding the 1st-Edition NFT sales.

The NFTs sold will be the 1st-Edition Mist NFTs.

These NFTs will never be minted again, so once they are sold out, obtaining them will have to be done via other players or on various marketplaces.

Each time an NFT is upgraded, the lower-level NFTs are burned and removed from circulation.

For example, when 2 Ember Ursus NFTs are used to upgrade to a higher-tier Ember Ursus, the 2 lower level ones are burned and permanently and…

Play/Test Here: Pre-Pre-Beta Marketplace Links:

Below are the links to a few Playtesting Servers. The servers have fully functional NFT Sales and NFT Tier upgrade systems in place (however every single NFT has been sold out). NFT Tier upgrades are still live, at the Upgrade NPC.

Note: as you will read later in the article, this is a pre-pre-beta release that encompasses the marketplace functionality and a few other things. MOST functions are not in this version as they will be released in later versions.

Server List (Note, some servers may be undergoing maintenance):

EU : https://d38e5g91vuecni.cloudfront.net
NA: https://d17315ia3nq947.cloudfront.net
SA : https://d2mod7dejfa9fu.cloudfront.net
ASIA : https://d3fhnuhbjkx4ja.cloudfront.net

Intro and Welcome

With the coming of our 3D, immersive, NFT marketplace, we have 2 more big announcements to make today, along with the beginning of a mega event. We will dive into greater detail on both but in summary:

  1. A whitelist mega event for a chance to win Mist NFT items, pets, and weapons.
  2. Partnership with a groundbreaking 3D immersive NFT marketplace and MMO game.

Whitelist Mega Event to Win NFT Items

Firstly, we want to announce the beginning of our NFT Airdrop Mega Event. This is one of two Mega Events we have planned for the next few weeks.

Starting at 2pm UTC today, users can join our…

Mist’s immersive, 3D, virtual NFT marketplace will be live on August 6th at 2pm UTC.

You will take your first steps into the Mist universe, and be able to purchase NFT items in a revolutionary 3D, immersive storefront. Pets, weapons, armor, mounts, and more.

^^^^ Check out the official Mist 3D NFT Marketplace trailer ^^^^

No more boring NFT “catalogue” marketplaces. Welcome to a revolutionary, fully immersive, 3D, in-game NFT marketplace in crypto.

Note: More info on the NFT Marketplace, including in-game controls, pricing, connectivity, and more will be available in the next few days.

More details in our…

Mist NFT

NFT open-world Action MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain. https://Mist.Game

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