AMA #2

Q: How did the team form? Could we maybe get a little insight to how it all came about with Mist e.g. Team are all friends before project commenced? What inspired the team to work on an MMORPG game on BSC? Have the team members worked in large gaming corporations in the past? I would like it if we could have a little background info of past to present, briefly if possible.
A: Mist (before rebranding) started as a passion project. As a handful of developers, we were geeking out on cool systems we could develop using the expertise we have gained as AI engineers/researchers, and game developers. The idea of joining the blockchain community came while our team was working on setting up a simple chain that can connect in-game components (behaviors) in a more efficient way. I am not authorized to share the work experiences of our other team members. However, I can tell you that you may have played some of the games that our team members were involved in one way or another.

Q: Regarding in-game rewards in Mist–will there be a system to not depreciate the value of the mist tokens to the early investors in the project and is it divided between players e.g. 1 monster kill = 50 MIST? Or is it 1 monster kill = 0.001 MIST each? Being able to gain huge rewards in game will definitely depreciate the value of the tokens for those early investors in the project.
A: The Mist framework includes AI agents that regulate the prices of each item, loot, mineral, and crafting material for specific in-game regions.

Q: How will item drops function? Is there visibility of items in the environment after an enemy is defeated? Or do you access a corpses inventory?
A: Like this: (This is from our early demos. Colors indicate quality levels of the items)

Q: Will there be like animated character motion commands like push up, marching, jumping, thumbs up, heart hand (character body language) just to taunt or tease the other players. Dunno if this is a cool feature. How about vending merchant players to trade items in-game? Any party or guild setups?
A: There will be in-game emotes where players celebrate their victory through various dances and moves (and even one-or-two rude gestures.) Players can form guilds and parties while travelling the world. It will be wise for them to do so, since the overall game feel will depend on surviving various dangers that lie within the mist.

Q: Did you find environment designers for the project?
A: Our team is currently going through the applications. There are a lot of very talented applicants that are interested in Mist. I would be honored to work with them. Although, as environment designers, they probably would be interacting more with our GD Lead.

Q: When will you list Mist onto the Steam platform?
A: I am the lead developer, so when I answer these questions regarding our partners, etc. I am trying to be very careful not to misspeak. As far as I know, our marketing team is currently working on setting up a store page on Steam. However, it would be best if I left this question to our community outreach personnel.

Q: What will be the ticker name be? @Mist or @MistNFT? As there is also another project with the same ticker name (alchemist), causing a slight confusion when tagging on social media and potentially exchanges in the future.
A: It already is MIST. Just be sure you are buying the correct one by checking the contract address: 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67

Q: The team agrees to remain anonymous, that I have no issues with, as there are many projects that are anonymous; Those who want to remain anonymous due to reasons should remain anon. But for those in the team who may not be affected by revealing their identity, shouldn’t they present themselves with details of position within company and reveal alias of others with their role within the company so the general public have a better understanding of how many people are in the team and what positions are covered within the company?
A: Our team size is currently in double digits, and includes developers for smart contracts, game developers, graphics designers, content team, marketing team, and more. The team is anonymous, and we would like to keep all focus on the game and the product, and doxing may distract from that.

Q: Will Mist take part in the NFT marketplace with Binance coming June 2021?
A: As a developer, answering this question would be inappropriate, since our marketing team would be the ones to announce such an opportunity. All I am authorized to share is that our marketing team is doing amazing work laying out the foundation for our studio’s continuation, and we are really enjoying the creation of a cool game and in-game universe.

Q: In order to reduce the transaction load on the BSC network, do you plan to use MIST as a secondary currency? For example: Killing monsters will give you say “GOLD” which can later be exchanged for “MIST” at a predetermined Ratio say 1000: 1 or Is MIST going to be the primary currency and will not drop from monsters but only be available when selling junk loot and NFT on the in-game marketplace to reward you with “MIST”?
A: There will be lite versions of MIST. However, the ratios are not determined yet.

Q: What would the farm rate of MIST Tokens be for a high-level player that strictly plays MIST without staking (just farming, questing, bossing, leveling etc.)? say, 100 tokens per day? 10? .1? .001?
A: It is too early to determine this since MIST is not a mintable coin. However, the loot will be managed dynamically depending on the number of users farming them. Our aim is to introduce a self-governing ecosystem that utilizes high-level optimization through principles of artificial intelligence.

Q: What’s the reason behind launching on BSC, has Binance backed the game? Ethereum gas prices are going down while BSC ones are going up. The Ethereum gas price issue is going to be solved very soon, while BSC could only scale by adding new servers.
A: We are aware of the challenges this may pose. This is why while developing our Mist Framework, we are making sure that nothing we do is going to become a breaking dependency for other chains. Yesterday, I was presenting our team with an approach that can provide us with in-game multichain connectivity. However, I would like to let this cook a little more before I start talking about it. Stay tuned.

Q: Can you clear up any and all doubts about whether or not this is an MMO action RPG? Meaning will it be fully online, and will we be able to play with others, PVP, etc.? Also is there any roadmap to when more details of the actual gameplay mechanics, lore, how farming in game works, etc. will be released?
A: Our specific genre is an Action MMORPG. Core fighting and questing mechanics are being developed with a large influence from Action RPG genre. However, the massive multiplayer world, and in-game player interactions are developed with main MMO systems in mind.

Q: Is Mist going to be launched on Mac OS? Will your trading system work using only Binance NFT Market or will there be anything else? Did you add any Taverns in MIST? Am I able to have my own Tavern and do the things that Tavern Keepers do?
A: It will be on MacOS. However, our team is currently working on optimizing for Windows. The difficulty for developing on MacOS is minimal, however, our team is making sure that we won’t promise anything that we cannot deliver.
Players will be able to earn tokens through in-game professions. Currently the tavern keeper is not one of them. However, I have spoken to our GD lead yesterday about including a shopkeeper profession in the game, where players can trade across regions where prices of minerals, or general goods are different. This allows players to make money in-game (earn MIST token) by:
1) Mining, crafting
2) Travelling to other lands
3) Finding clients to sell
However, these are currently ideas our team is considering. There would need to be extensive work on balancing these professions.

Q: With your recent published videos, it seems the game development is going well. I want to ask about the Mist framework. How is the development going on that so far because linking the game to blockchains is the hardest part. Do you plan to release any information, testing etc. What have you done so far for Mist framework?
A: We will be sharing status reports on our development. Currently, our framework requires players to create an account and add its private key into the game environment. This is because the chain will not allow token transfers without proper authorization of course. However, since this is a good enough working solution for our development phase, we are focusing on the rest of the framework to reach our development goals. I will share more information about it when the time comes!

Q: Will it be fully open world without loading screens like RuneScape? Or does it have loading screens and instances like Guild Wars 2 or something like Albion Online? Can you give us an example if none of the Games mentioned fits the game model?
A: There will be a minimal amount of instancing when joining private areas, dungeons, battlegrounds, etc. However, the players will be able to explore the game world freely without loading-screen interruptions. A good example would be WoW.

Q: To earn a MIST Token, users might gather monsters and try to kill them all at the same time. this will cause highly intensive transaction on the Blockchain. What’s the solution of the team?
A: This is a complicated question to answer (long, but not too difficult), but here is the quick explanation: All in-game actions will be tracked through our game management database. Values will be updated real-time. However, crypto transactions will only be done whenever a player chooses to “update” their wallet. That means it will only be 1 transaction that makes summarized updates, instead of thousands of individual transactions. This will save gas and computing power on the blockchain.

Q: Just wondering when the staking when be available?
A: This will be very soon, and we will be releasing info in the next couple of days. We are releasing the partner info on this.

Q: When can we buy the Mist NFTs?
A: They will be purchasable on the Mist website, along with partner sites soon. We will send updates on this. We are working to set up the NFT marketplace on our site now.

Q: If there are raffles for NFT, when will it be?
A: Possibly. More info to come on this.

Q: Will there be auctions for NFTs? Will the NFTs market be on the website?
A: For now, they will be simple trades and exchanges. No auctions on our site, but possibly on partner sites. This is an idea we are discussing internally.

Q: Will each NFT be replicated, and will they sell more than 1 for each, or will all the NFTs be different for each owner?
A: NFTs are non-fungible tokens, meaning they are unique. However, there will be multiples of most NFTs. For example, there will be multiple rare pets, rare swords, rare armor, etc. But there will be a limited amount of each.

Q: What are the criteria to qualify for Mist’s closed demo coming Q3?
A: It will be a mix of whitelist winners and technically vetted community members.

Q: When will we be able to look up Mist game on Steam platform?
A: TBD — once the game is ready for Steam, and code is prepared. Please follow us on YouTube or Twitter, for game dev updates.

Q: Do you have plans to sell Founder’s token/special NFTs before the game is officially launched?
A: Yes, there will be limited-edition pre-launch NFTs sold.

Q: Can you clarify if creating a Guild will be free, or will it cost MIST tokens? And what are the max capacity of guild members?
A: This is being discussed internally. The decision has not been finalized yet.

Q: Will there be game expansions to the map later on?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Is there a farm or item sale event in the near future?
A: The team is working on it right now. We already have multiple partners that will be offering Mist rewards. Stay tuned.

Q: Will we be able to sell NFTs on Binance’s new NFT marketplace?
A: NFTs will be able to be sold/transferred in-game, on our partner platforms, and on our site. You can also transfer them manually from wallet to wallet.

Q: Will mist be f2p or p2p? And if its f2p would there be a premium service?
A: This is being discussed. We are considering some creative ways to play, including MIST token staking or holding requirements. This decision will be finalized closer to game launch.

Q: Wouldn’t access to these tokens in game keep the price of your token low & well below $1 on exchanges even if the game dominated in popularity? if not what do you for-see? Would the game content aim to evolve in most all aspects similar to the legendary RuneScape? How will you reward future players once all in-game tokens have been seized?
A: There is a lot to learn from RuneScape. However, we would like to think we are providing something unique.

Q: Are there any jobs other than 5 main classes? Like blacksmith and merchant? And can we as a player create our own weapon design and turn it into NFT?
A: There are in-game professions that are not limited by player’s classes. There will also be more classes added as we get further through development! I hope this helps, God bless…



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