Audit Results: Mist x Solidity Finance

Mist’s smart contract code has passed a 2nd audit — this time with experienced auditing firm Solidity Finance, who have protected over $700 million worth of on-chain value and have completed audits for over 150 teams.

Audit Summary

Audit Findings Summary:

  • No external threats were identified.

Security Audit Methodology

Taken from Solidity Finance’s website, the audit methodology consists of 3 main steps:

Step 1

Manual line-by-line code reviews to ensure the logic behind each function is sound and safe from common attack vectors.

Step 2

Simulation of hundreds of thousands of interactions with your Smart Contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated test tools and manual testing to determine if any security vulnerabilities exist.

Step 3

Consulting with the team to implement recommendations and resolve any outstanding issues; then boiling down results and findings into an easy to read report to highlight any risks that exist to the project or its users.

Detailed Results

The Solidity Finance audit went in-depth, checking for more than 15 different vulnerabilities, security risks, and potential attacks. Mist received a passing score on all categories.

Full Audit Results

Full audit results can be found on the Solidity Finance website:

Learn More About Solidity Finance

Learn More About Mist



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