Dev Diary 2: Dunia In-game Zone

Table of Contents

  • Dev Diary Disclaimer
  • Dev Diary episode 2
  • Dunia — The Zone
  • Dunia — First Try
  • Dunia — Second Try
  • Dunia — Final
  • In-game Footage Teaser of Dunia
  • Next Episode

Note about Metaverse, Gameverse, and Augmented Reality Updates

Information on all of these new gameverse/AR releases will be given tomorrow (Tuesday).

Dev Diary Disclaimer

The Mist Dev Diaries take us back in time. They take us back in time months ago, and will walk us through some of the development process that the team does. These images, videos, and screenshots include OLD photos and assets. Please don’t mistake the old photos for current versions of the game.

Dev Diary, Episode 2

Time Period: February-March 2021.

Dunia — The Zone

We began game development with basic (but complicated to implement) game functionality such as game physics, character rigging/animation, colliders, movement, and more.

Zone Ambiance and Feel

Dunia — The Original Design

This original Dunia design is from 8 months ago. Since then we have made updates (obviously), but these are the earliest Dunia pics. (Later in this article we will show dev pics from later dates).

Bad city design, no purpose of the towns, and the ground quality was horrible.
Here we see that the zone environment is bland, and seems empty. The trees look out of place, and the style is quite poor. The ground also looks bad.
The first little town, and it did not look horrible but could definitely be better. Also, see the hand statue on the right. It is a very important part of Dunia’s lore.
The first “dungeon” from the outside. Crazy to think it looked like that!

Dunia- Second Try

After our first attempt at Dunia, we decided to revamp it. Here’s that process.

Dunia — The Finishing Touches

NOTE: We have since updated our character models as well. However since most of these screenshots are from many months ago, they still show old character models. Keep in mind that these models are updated now too. We will share them at a later date.

Dunia In-Game Footage Teaser

Some quick teaser in-game footage of the new zone.

The difference is everything.

Next Dev Diary Episode:

In the next Dev Diary episode, we will discuss the redesign of a few musical assets which will bring the zones to life. We may include some items and asset re-design details as well.

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