Dev Diary 2: Dunia In-game Zone

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Note about Metaverse, Gameverse, and Augmented Reality Updates

Dev Diary Disclaimer

Dev Diary, Episode 2

Dunia — The Zone

Zone Ambiance and Feel

Dunia — The Original Design

Bad city design, no purpose of the towns, and the ground quality was horrible.
Here we see that the zone environment is bland, and seems empty. The trees look out of place, and the style is quite poor. The ground also looks bad.
The first little town, and it did not look horrible but could definitely be better. Also, see the hand statue on the right. It is a very important part of Dunia’s lore.
The first “dungeon” from the outside. Crazy to think it looked like that!

Dunia- Second Try

Dunia — The Finishing Touches

Dunia In-Game Footage Teaser

The difference is everything.

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