Intro to Guilds: Part 1 of 2


This article will cover:

  • Intro
  • What is a Guild
  • Benefits and Features of Guilds
  • How to Create a Guild
  • How to Join a Guild
  • Responsibilities of Guilds


One of these long-awaited systems is the Guild system.

The in-game Guild system will allow players to join together in order to obtain many benefits. Players will be able to share resources and NFTs. They will be able to do quests together, and complete dungeons together. They will be able to PVP together. And most importantly, they will be able to meet friends and make memories with other players.

And of course, all this while sharing token earnings.

What is a Guild

Mist’s guild system is a group of players who come together for a common purpose, in-game. They may be friends in real life, or may be friends who meet in the Mist world.

They may also be players who acknowledge that they may bring mutual benefit to each other in-game. For example, a strong Berserker and a strong Cleric may be a match made in heaven, and decide to form a guild.

Either way, Mist’s Guilds offer players a chance to build a community with friends, and will allow them to work towards many common goals that may be too difficult for a solo player to accomplish.

Benefits and Features of Guilds

  • Share earned tokens
  • Share NFTs and scholarships
  • Have shared funds used to purchase land, NFTs, and more
  • Share land ownership, earnings, and upkeep
  • Accomplish tasks too difficult to accomplish by solo players
  • Participate in more competitive and lucrative PVP
  • Complete more dangerous and difficult dungeons and PVE
  • Make friends
  • Build community and immerse into the Mist world
  • And much more

Responsibilities of Guilds

In general, Guildmasters and officers are a guild’s leaders. They form the guild, and they oversee the operations and members of the guild. The Guildmaster and officers should be ultimately responsible with the guild’s shared funds, the guild’s land and NFT ownerships, their token revenue, their PVP and PVE competitiveness, and the overall well-being and support of the core members of the guild.

While guilds do have shared ownership of shared funds and lands/NFTs, the guild master and officers take the foremost responsibility for making sure these things are optimized for the rest of the guild.

Guild members should all have a say in what the guild’s shared resources go to. However how this shared resource decision making is done, is 100% up to the guild itself.

Your reputation as a player, guild officer, and guild master will be important. Getting a bad reputation can spell the end of your easy Mist experience.

Creativity, Rewards, and Risks

There are many creative ways to approach the game, and many creative ways to earn tokens in-game. A good guild, with good leadership, will be able to maximize their effectiveness.

Likewise, a guild with poor leadership and un-educated members may not be ultimately effective in the growth of their token treasury, NFT stockpile, land ownership, PVP, or PVE abilities.

A good guild may be an extremely important part to your journey in Mist.

We recommend that when choosing guildmembers, you do your due diligence and join only guilds that you have done your research on. We believe this decentralization will make for a fun, exciting decentralized in-game world. Mist, and any of the team admins, is not responsible for the use of any of these shared funds, lands, NFTs, or ANY OTHER part of a guild’s operations.

The Mist platform does not, and will not, have any responsibility for how or why a specific guild uses shared resources in certain ways. This is fully up to the guild itself, and a player assumes all rewards and risks when they join. The Mist world is decentralized in this sense.

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