MIST - NFT Airdrop Mega Whitelist Event and Crypto World Partnership

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3 min readAug 3, 2021

With the coming of our 3D, immersive, NFT marketplace, we have 2 more big announcements to make today, along with the beginning of a mega event. We will dive into greater detail on both but in summary:

  1. A whitelist mega event for a chance to win Mist NFT items, pets, and weapons.
  2. Partnership with a groundbreaking 3D immersive NFT marketplace and MMO game.

Whitelist Mega Event to Win NFT Items

Firstly, we want to announce the beginning of our NFT Airdrop Mega Event. This is one of two Mega Events we have planned for the next few weeks.

Starting at 2pm UTC today, users can join our whitelist event for a chance to win one of 10 Mist in-game NFTs. The whitelist event will be on a platform called “Gleam” that will allow users to complete actions to earn entries into the whitelist.


Community members may be asked to read about Mist, follow the project on social media, and engage in other ways. Each action will give you extra entries to win the NFT items. So complete as many as you can for maximum entries. Winners will be selected randomly. 10 NFT items will be given out.

Partnership with Crypto World — Strategic and Technical

Secondly, we want to announce a strategic and technical partnership with Crypto World (website here), an upcoming Open-World Sandbox Social MMO NFT game and 3D NFT Mall marketplace. Crypto World is revolutionizing NFT sales. We are excited to partner with them for their innovative 3D and ARNFT (Augmented Reality NFT) Marketplaces, and in-game NFT stores and real estate. (Check out the Mist store in the screenshot below!):

In-game footage of Crypto World. Note the MIST storefront on the right.

As part of our technical and strategic cooperation, Crypto World has created a special Mist store in their in-game universe. Players will be able to browse and purchase Mist NFTs in 3d (and soon Augmented Reality 3D). Mist’s NFTs will officially be spotlighted in Crypto World’s open-world NFT MMO and marketplace.

Mist’s Crypto World in-game store entrance.

In addition to a cool open-world sandbox MMO NFT game, crypto world offers immersive, a visually stunning, 3D and AR NFT marketplace. View NFTs in 3D, walk around a virtual mall with friends, and experience the future of NFT sales. No more boring “catalog sale” marketplaces. They’re going 3D.

We don’t take our partnerships lightly and really believe in the vision that Crypto World is bringing. In fact, we collaborated with Crypto World’s team to bring their 3D marketplace technology into Mist. In fact, Crypto World will be setting up storefronts for many other NFT projects. However, Mist will have prime real estate in-game.

Sneak peek into the Mist store in Crypto World

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