Mist NFT — Browser Marketplace Guide

Mist NFT Marketplace Home Page
  • This marketplace is totally browser-based and easy to access
  • If you create and auction, you earn money/tokens each time somebody bids on your NFT auction (auction creators keep a percentage of bid fees)
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Current *downloadable* game client is disabled. New one will be available via STEAM download. Marketplace is only on the browser for now.

Marketplace: For Buyers

Mist NFT Marketplace Listings
Mist Bid & Buyout Screen

Viewing Owned NFTs & Adding to Wallet

Mist UI For Viewing Owned NFTs

Auctions for Sellers

Spreadsheet Visual of Bidding Fees Earned by Seller
Mist UI For Creating New Auction Listings
The Auction Creation Confirmation Page
MetaMask Wallet Contract Confirmation
Mist Auction Cancellations

P2P NFT Transfers

Mist UI for Direct NFT Transfers



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