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Play/Test Here: Pre-Pre-Beta Marketplace Links:

Below are the links to a few Playtesting Servers. The servers have fully functional NFT Sales and NFT Tier upgrade systems in place (however every single NFT has been sold out). NFT Tier upgrades are still live, at the Upgrade NPC.

Note: as you will read later in the article, this is a pre-pre-beta release that encompasses the marketplace functionality and a few other things. MOST functions are not in this version as they will be released in later versions.

Server List (Note, some servers may be undergoing maintenance):

EU : https://d38e5g91vuecni.cloudfront.net
NA: https://d17315ia3nq947.cloudfront.net
SA : https://d2mod7dejfa9fu.cloudfront.net
ASIA : https://d3fhnuhbjkx4ja.cloudfront.net

Intro and Welcome

Hello adventurers and MIST community! Mist, the P2E NFT Blockchain game is releasing its first-of-its-kind immersive, 3D in-game NFT marketplace this week. After a long wait, players will finally get a taste of the Mist in-game universe.

The main functionality of the upcoming NFT marketplace will be, of course, NFT sales. Get your hands on the first-edition releases of the Mist weapon, armor, pets, and mounts NFTs which will be used as in-game items in Mist.

A secondary function of this NFT marketplace is a very early testing and user-experience experience of the in-game features and systems (display, item inventory, emote system, action buttons, and more).

Note that each character is connected to a wallet

The Mist team will also treat this release version as a pre-pre-beta on some functionalities. This means that the community will be helping with testing on many of our technical systems (display, item inventory, emote system, action buttons, and more). Be aware that all of these functional systems may still be improved and optimized with your help (except for the NFT purchase smart contracts themselves which are complete).

And finally, please keep in mind that most of the other in-game functionalities (spell casting, skill trees, character class selection, item crafting, property purchases, Legendary NFT Upgrading etc) will likely be saved for release on our closed Beta.

We appreciate everyone’s support, and remember. Your feedback will improve Mist!


Players will easily take their first steps into the Mist world via their internet browser (note the full game will be downloadable, but this first edition of the marketplace will be single player and easily accessible on internet browser).

Note the token balances, connected to blockchain

While in the game world, players can experience and test the game mechanics, the movement, the action buttons, and the player control system.

Their wallet connection system will work via MetaMask, and they will be able to test and experience the in-game player “purse” or “wallet”.

They will test and experience the Character Emote system, which encompasses multiple emotes, actions, and dances.

They will be able to see a few of Mist’s first NFTs and interact with them.

And of course, they will be able to purchase their first NFTs.

More details on all of these sections below:

Mist token usage

A new functionality for Mist is NFT Upgrading. What this means is you can power up your NFTs to create Legendary NFTs (LNFTs) which are stronger, faster, and overall superior than their base level counterparts.

This upgrade process will also be used to power up strong non-NFT items in-game.

The upgrade process, which will be necessary in order to obtain the most elite level of the in-game items, will be a crafting process which requires: 2 of the NFT, and X amount of Mist tokens. Combining these 3 things in a crafting alter in-game will mint a super powerful NFT.

That is one use of the Mist token that is regarding NFTs.

More common uses for the Mist token (with much more volume) include nearly ALL other in-game actions. For example, buying food from vendors, buying weapons, repairing armor, paying for skill upgrades, and more. Nearly everything in the day-to-day Mist universe will require the Mist token.

How to enter the marketplace

The Mist marketplace will be accessed via an internet browser. At launch time, the Mist team will share the URL for login.

The loading screen, which asks you to connect a wallet

Users will go to the website and the game will load automatically. They will be prompted to Log In to the game world, and a character will be generated for them. They can then begin exploring the little piece of Mist that is NFT Island.

Note that a MetaMask connection will be necessary to engage with and purchase NFTs.

What is in the Mist World?

This early release of Mist will be centered around NFT Island, a small area with a few things to explore:
-The character UI will be available
-the character screen
-the emote interface and relevant emotes
-the action button (to roll and dodge)
-the character inventory and gear
-the character’s in-game wallet which is connected to MetaMask
-and NFT sales frames.

There are also various NFTs you can interact with, a few NPC characters, and a small area to explore.


To interact with things in-game, get close to them and Left Click.

To zoom the camera in and out, use the Mouse Wheel Scroll.

To move your character, use the WASD keys.

To use the dodge/roll action button, use the Spacebar.

To rotate the camera, use the Q and E keys.

To open the character inventory and gear page press C.

To view your in-game wallet, press C.

To lock the camera and strafe, use the Right Click.

To open the emote menu, press and hold T.

To play in full-screen mode, click the blue arrows on the bottom right of the screen.

What NFTs are available

There will be a limited amount of NFTs for sale. Once the supply runs out they will not be purchasable.

Various NFTs are available, including mounts, weapons, pets, and armor.

A Few of the NFTs available

Explore them all in-game.

How to purchase

NFTs will be purchasable with BNB. Upgrading NFTs to Legendary NFT (LNFTs) will require Mist tokens and 2 of the base level NFT.

In order to interact with and purchase the NFTs in the marketplace you will need to connect to MetaMask on your browser.

Once connected, walk up to the NFT that you are interested in and Left Click it. You will see an information panel show up that describes the NFT, shows images, and has information. This panel also has the “Purchase” button.

To complete the purchase, simply click the “Purchase” button and Click “Allow” on the MetaMask prompt that asks you to allow the Mist website to spend your BNB.

Click “allow” on this prompt

Follow the MetaMask prompts, and complete the purchase.

Once the purchase has been competed and confirmed, you will see the NFT in your wallet on BSCscan as well as in-game in your character wallet. Congratulations!

Legendary NFT Upgrades

NFT Island vendors will sell base-level NFTs. While they are strong, rare, and powerful items, they can be upgraded to Legendary NFTs (LNFTs).

The NFT Upgrade Master

This upgrade process will be released very soon and will require 2 things: X amount of Mist tokens, and 2 (two) of the base level NFT.

For example, if you would like to upgrade your Stagg of Mozuer mount to make it faster and more effective, you will need 2 of the Stagg of Mozuer NFTs and a select amount of Mist tokens.

Keep in mind that there are only a limited amount of NFTs that will be sold, so obtaining the legendary NFTs will be rare and we do not expect many people in-game to have the ability to obtain these ultra-rare NFT items. Truly only the most elite warriors will have them.

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