Mist: NFT Tier Upgrades and Price List

The Mist NFT marketplace will be going live in just a bit. Here are the final, important details regarding the 1st-Edition NFT sales.

The NFTs sold will be the 1st-Edition Mist NFTs.

These NFTs will never be minted again, so once they are sold out, obtaining them will have to be done via other players or on various marketplaces.

Each time an NFT is upgraded, the lower-level NFTs are burned and removed from circulation.

For example, when 2 Ember Ursus NFTs are used to upgrade to a higher-tier Ember Ursus, the 2 lower level ones are burned and permanently and there will be fewer of the item in-game.

Only 608 of each Tier 1 NFTs will be available on the marketplace. That means potentially only 38 Legendary fully upgraded items. (To put it into perspective, it will take 16 Tier 1s to create a Tier 5 Legendary NFT).

This means that obtaining the NFTs will become progressively more and more difficult and rare. The $Mist token will be used for more and more things in-game, as well as for NFT purchases in the future iterations.

NFT Upgrades

NFT upgrades will have 5 tiers total. Ranging from Tier 1 (basic) to Legendary (top tier). Upgrading NFTs will take exponentially more resources. Here is the breakdown:

Tier 1: Basic NFT
This is the 1st level NFT. Still very powerful and rare compared to all other in-game items.

Tier 2-Tier 4 NFT
These are progressively stronger, more useful, and more rare as the tiers increase.

Tier 5: Legendary NFT
This is it. The most powerful version of the NFTs. Strong, incredibly rare, and elite level.

NFT Upgrade Costs

We see the power equivalences of the different Tiers

Upgrading NFTs will cost exponentially more resources.

They require multiple of the lower-tier NFTs (which are burned and removed in the process of upgrading). This means that as more and more NFTs are upgraded, there will be fewer and fewer of the NFTs in-game. Remember, NFT items are meant to be rare in-game.

1st upgrade: From Tier 1 to Tier 2
-2 of the Tier 1 NFTs
-2,000 MIST tokens

2nd upgrade: From Tier 2 to Tier 3
-2 of the Tier 2 NFTs (equivalent to 4 Tier 1 NFTs)
-4,000 MIST tokens

3rd upgrade: From Tier 3 to Tier 4
-2 of the Tier 3 NFTs (equivalent to 8 Tier 1 NFTs)
-8,000 MIST tokens

4th upgrade: From Tier 4 to Legendary Tier
-2 of the Tier 4 NFTs (equivalent to 16 Tier 1 NFTs)
-16,000 MIST tokens

We imagine a game universe where there are very few players with Legendary NFT items, and a certain amount of players that have lower-tier NFT items as well. Legendary items are not for everybody, or else they would not be “Legendary”.

Edition 1 NFTs Available

The NFT items available now will not have more minted. As far as the legacy of Mist will go, these will be the First Edition rare items. Only 608 of each will be available on the marketplace, meaning only a possible 19 Legendary Upgraded.

Ember Ursus 0.6 BNB. Grants the player a shapeshifting form which brings along with it increased fire damage. Upgrades will increase the visual aura and increase the fire damage bonus.
Vengeance and Mercy 0.6 BNB. These ancient and mysterious weapons grant the user a chance to be blessed with a runic essence granting increased attack power. Upgrades increase the chance to obtain the buff and increase the attack power bonus.
Viridis Lupus 0.6 BNB. This follower pet will grant rangers increased perception and attack. Upgrades increase the visual aura and attack bonuses.
Staff of Leixran 0.6 BNB. This mystical and energetic staff grants users increased vitality and spell damage. Upgrades increase the spell damage bonus.
Shield of Agrazzak 0.6 BNB. The wielder of this mythical shield will be granted a chance to cheat death 10% of the time. Upgrades increase chance to cheat death.
Stagg of Mozeur, 0.9 BNB. Increases movement speed and carrying capacity for non-weapon items. Upgrades will increase speed bonus and carrying capacity.

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NFT open-world Action MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain. https://Mist.Game

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Mist NFT

Mist NFT

NFT open-world Action MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain. https://Mist.Game

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