Mist NFT — Weekly Recap #1

What is the Mist Weekly Recap?

This Past Week in Mist

  • Mist has been listed on STEAM, allowing for multiple improvements to our technical and social systems. Benefits include improved ease of downloading the client, higher accessibility, increased legitimacy, and smoother patches and upgrades in the future.
  • This was a large milestone that was originally aimed for early September 2021. The 1 week delay was largely due to the COVID slowdown of Steam approval process. Nevertheless, we are happy with the end result.
  • Add Mist to your STEAM Wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1752700/Mist/
  • Mist was added for trading on Gate.io, a top-10 centralized exchange. This will open up Mist to a larger audience, and will allow traders on the CEX to buy, sell, and trade Mist.
  • Final touches are being added to the Mist marketplace, Browser version. More info on the exact release date, but we are aiming very soon. This browser-version brings with it a LOT of upgrades, updates, and more. Not only does the UI look much better (and has a ton of updates and features), but the ease of access for mass trading will be much better. Browser marketplace = more potential trades. It’s that simple.
  • Along with some technical improvements to the marketplace, along with a ton of functionality, we have removed the up-front listing fee after receiving community feedback. The auction house fee will be implemented after a sale concludes, meaning no upfront cost.
  • Browser Marketplace should be live this week, upon completion of testing.

Marketplace Development Update Pics

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Mist NFT

Mist NFT

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