Mist NFT — Weekly Recap #4

This Past Week in Mist

  • Marketplace V2 is live. Improvements include an extra 10x cheaper gas costs
  • NFT Upgrades are now LIVE: Improve your NFTs, make them stronger, and more rare: https://mist.game/#nfts or https://mist.game/#characters
  • NFT Sales history and stats page is now live. See past Sales amounts and more.
  • Dev Diary: work is beginning on the new series, “Dev Diary”. This will take you behind the scenes with all the screenshots, videos, etc that the team has accumulated over the past few months. Status: obtaining and organizing all files now.
  • Finalizing work on the new character controller. The new system is much different than the old controller we had.
  • Redesign and other special features continued to be worked on.
  • Other miscellaneous game system development

Disclaimer about the Mist Weekly Recap

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