Mist NFT — Weekly Recap #5

Hello Mist community, and welcome to another edition of the Mist Weekly Recap.

This week we had big news regarding STEAM possibly turning down blockchain projects and games. While this may seem like horrible news, it is in fact, not that big of a deal. EPIC Games Store is open to blockchain projects, so if need be we will transition to there.

STEAM and EPIC are ultimately not essential to Mist, however they do provide some benefits, such as easier downloads and client management. However, even without one or the other, Mist carries on. The good news is that EPIC Games is welcoming all blockchain projects.

The team is working on scheduling and beginning a Development Diary which will have multiple episodes. In this diary we will describe the work we have been doing behind the scenes, with screenshots, dev videos, and more. This series will start with time-travel back to a few months back, and will follow the progress from the start of Mist’s development. It will work its way thru to the current day. We hope this will be a very interesting series, and we can highlight all the dev work going on behind the scenes. The 1st episode in this series will be live later this week.

NFT Upgrades are still LIVE on the marketplace. Upgrade the NFTs to higher tiers to make them stronger, more rare, and more useful in-game.

To upgrade ITEMS, click here: https://mist.game/nft-marketplace/items
To upgrade CHARACTERS, click here: https://mist.game/nft-marketplace/characters
Then click the “UPGRADE” button on the screen.

The team continues the work of redesigning environments and assets (customized).

In addition, we are continuing to spend a lot of time on some less interesting (but very important) parts of the game code, including networking, controllers re-design, and more.

This Past Week in Mist

  • EPIC Games named as an alternative to STEAM if needed. Either platform works well for us, and ultimately they are not essential, however they will help with easier client downloads.
  • Dev Diary: 1st episode of “Dev Diary” goes live this week. This will take you behind the scenes with all the screenshots, videos, etc that the team has accumulated over the past few months. Status: finalizing article.
  • NFT Upgrades are still LIVE: Improve your NFTs, make them stronger, and more rare: https://mist.game/#nfts or https://mist.game/#characters
  • Finalizing work on the new character controller. The new system is much different than the old controller we had. This work is nearly finished now.
  • Redesign and other special features continued to be worked on.
  • Other miscellaneous game system development

Disclaimer about the Mist Weekly Recap

This series gives the community a little more insight into the work the team is doing behind the scenes.

Most of the work the team is focused on now revolves around code, code, and more code. Not every week we have “Sexy” or “Interesting” updates, as most of the work we focus on is tedious (but important) code-focused tasks, such as blockchain connectivity, in-game systems, or others. And most of that stuff we won’t share anyway for obvious reasons. These systems are the main focus of any serious dev team, but unfortunately not exciting pieces to share each week.

With that said, we will do our best to share enough recap points each week to keep everyone up-to-date with what the team has been working on, by sharing a few highlights each week.

Note that continuous work such as environment design, spell optimization, blockchain systems, etc. are constantly being worked on so they may not be mentioned too often. We will focus on the most interesting (but not necessarily the most important) developments each week. And there will probably be things that we are working on that we want to keep secret, for the sake of timing, security, or other reasons.

Learn More About Mist:




NFT open-world Action MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain. https://Mist.Game

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Mist NFT

Mist NFT

NFT open-world Action MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain. https://Mist.Game

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