Mist Pre Alpha v0.01 Login Guide.

Mist NFT
3 min readMay 10, 2022

Phase 1 of The Pre Alpha is here. This very first testing phase will be online for 48 hours.

After which we will reassess, optimize, and begin phase v0.02, adding the 2nd level of features and systems.

How to Download

Please follow every single step here the first time you log in.

Check out a How-To Video here:

Downloading the Files:

Download game files here: https://mist.game/download/mist.zip

Extract the .zip file.

Run the Installer File (.exe).

Then, run the Launcher. It will automatically download game files.

After the download, run the Mist Metaverse file.

Creating an Account:

  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Press Accept.

2. Select your server. Do NOT click “login” first. Click the server below and select your server. I repeat: select your server FIRST.

3. Choose your server Location. DO THIS BEFORE CLICKING “LOGIN”.

4. Make sure you have the correct server selected. Click accept after you click on the server.

5. ONLY AFTER selecting your server, click Login.

6. On the Browser popup, connect your Wallet. Make sure it is connected to BSC Network. Check to make sure you connect the correct wallet.

6a. Go back to the game window. If it is your first time logging in you will be asked to Create an account.

6b. Click on the brown box and enter your account name. THIS IS NOT YOUR in-game CHARACTER NAME.

7. After creating your account, click ‘JOIN’. You can see your connected wallet at the top.

8. Congrats. It’s time to make your character. You can only create characters for which you have the NFT. Otherwise you can create an Adventurer.

Game Controls