Mist Scholarship System: Intro (Part 1 of 2)

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3 min readApr 28, 2022



Mist’s NFT Scholarship system will allow NFT holders to sponsor multiple players, depending on the Tier of the NFT they hold.

Higher Tier NFTs will be able to sponsor more players. The NFT owners will receive a % of all tokens earned by their scholars. Higher NFT items will sponsor more scholars.

This system allows NFT holders to hire scholars who may help them earn tokens while they play. It also allows players who may not have the funds to buy an NFT an opportunity to play Mist, experience the game, and also earn tokens.

The NFT Marketplace (where you can buy and upgrade your NFTs in preparation) is: https://mist.game/nft-marketplace


This week we will introduce the Mist NFT Scholarship system, at a high level.

This week’s article is an introduction and will not include many specific details, percentages, and numbers (as we will balance these important numbers after the pre-alpha data is collected).

We will give an overview, and give you the overview of what will be coming with the NFT Scholarship system. As we gather the pre-alpha data, we will release the specific scholarship system metrics, percentages, and deep details.

NFT holders will be able to sponsor multiple “scholars”. These scholars will be able to earn in-game, while a percentage of their earnings go to the owner of the NFT. The higher the NFT tier, the more scholars can work under it.


Mist’s NFT items will be useful in-game. Currently the majority of our NFT items are character classes, which have special personalities, abilities, and specific gameplay styles.

However with the arrival of the full game release comes the Mist Scholarship system.

This system will bring a new use-case to Mist’s NFTs.

It will allow holders of NFTs to hire scholars who can play and share tokens they earn in-game.

It will also allow players without the funds to purchase an NFT to be able to play Mist, have fun, and also earn tokens while playing.

Higher level NFTs will be able to sponsor more scholars. NFTs can be upgraded on our marketplace, here: https://mist.game/nft-marketplace.

Initial Scholarship Concepts

(Subject to change as we test, balance, and finalize the game before go-live)

Tier 1 NFTs can sponsor 0 scholars.

Tier 2 NFTs can sponsor 2 scholars.

Tier 3 NFTs can sponsor 4 scholars.

Tier 4 NFTs can sponsor 8 scholars.

Tier 5 (Legendary) NFTs can sponsor 16 scholars.

1st Edition Tier 1 NFTs can sponsor 2 scholars.

1st Edition Tier 2NFTs can sponsor 4 scholars.

1st Edition Tier 3NFTs can sponsor 8 scholars.

1st Edition Tier 4NFTs can sponsor 16 scholars.

1st Edition Tier 5 (Legendary) NFTs can sponsor 32 scholars.

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