Mist x Exnetwork Capital

Mist is happy to announce our partnership with Exnetwork Capital, a hyper-connected and multifaceted organization that has a strong history of incubating, advising, and helping projects succeed.

With a talented and driven team, Exnetwork offers a high degree of strategic value for Mist. In addition, the team consists of leaders who are genuinely interested in the Mist project, and incredibly passionate for blockchain in general.

What is Exnetwork Capital?

Exnetwork Capital is an investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement. A hybrid hyperconnected fund, idea lab and an incubator, Exnetwork Capital has been a key ingredient in the success of numerous projects launched since 2018.

Exnetwork Capital was founded in 2018 as a means to democratize access to opportunities to support blockchain projects. Since then, it has evolved to be a multi-faceted organization that supports not just the well-known configurations of blockchain organizations but radical ones such as anonymous and distributed teams.

About the Exnetwork Team

The team consists of Eric Su, a seasoned creative that has demonstrated a skill to identify passionate teams and help them reach a level of success that is exponential to all parties involved, and Dric Yao, a crypto researcher and an expert operations manager.

A network of allies augments the operation to achieve exemplary results not just in monetary value but knowledge accrual.

A network of allies, run the Exnetwork Incubator — a low key but high impact incubator that propels anonymous and public teams short term but also sets their culture for long term success with DAOs and decentralization non-negotiable requirements.

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