Mist x Garlam Won, Managing Partner at M6

Mist is proud to announce that Garlam Won is coming on board as a strategic advisor. Garlam, who is currently managing partner of Momentum 6, has a solid track record of success in multiple blockchain projects.

Whether he is spearheading marketing efforts for top projects, helping with strategic alignment, or using his vast network of connections to help incubate projects, Garlam brings an immense value to any project, including Mist.

Thank you for coming aboard, Garlam. We are happy to have you.

Who is Garlam Won?

With a background in investment banking at JP Morgan as well as management consulting at Deloitte, he is no stranger to the world of fast-paced business.

Since his roles in the corporate world, Garlam has become a well-known and successful figure in the blockchain sphere as well.

Currently he is managing partner of Momentum 6, a firm that focuses on investment in, marketing of, and growth development of blockchain and DeFi products. He is also co-founder of Genesis Shards, a highly anticipated project launched via Polkastarter.

Garlam’s success on projects such as Harmony, Kylin, MANTRA DAO, and more has been testament to his expertise and passion for blockchain.

His successes and innovation in the blockchain world have lead to features on platforms such as Forbes and CNBC.

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