MIST x Orion Pool: Orion Protocol’s AMM Solution

MIST to ‘self-list’ on Orion Pool: Orion’s AMM Solution

Mist will be the second project to join Orion Pool and provide liquidity for the MIST pool.

How will the pool work?

  • Initially, Orion Pool will launch four ORN pools: ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BTC, and ORN/BNB. Soon after, this will include an FTM pool and MIST pool.
  • Orion Pool will be compatible with ETH and BSC, allowing flexible and profitable participation in the liquidity pool for LPs and traders alike.
  • Orion Pool’s interface will be fully integrated into the Terminal. This allows LPs and traders to benefit from a single UI for swapping, adding/removing liquidity, staking, and governance voting.
  • Orion Pool fees will be 0.3%, with ⅔ going towards LPs, and ⅓ going towards ORN Governance Stakers.
  • The interface will also include a dashboard for LPs to add/remove liquidity, along with ORN Governance Stakers to vote for specific pools and future assets on the Terminal.

What is Orion Protocol?

Learn More About Orion Protocol

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