Mist x Paid2Play.org



What is Paid2Play.org?

Paid2Play is two things. Each of these are extremely important for the future growth of blockchain gaming:

  1. A cross-chain game launcher client (like Steam client or Epic client) that allows desktop games to easily connect to the blockchain, and for players to easily download and play

Why does Mist want to partner with Paid2Play?

We take our partnerships very seriously, and we truly think Paid2Play.org will help bring blockchain gaming mainstream. Now there are many barriers to entry for new players and for project teams:

  • Project teams have difficulty building and launching their games on desktop (this is why 99.99% of all crypto games are on web). Mist is going to partner with Paid2Play and do joint development of a Game Launcher Client. This will allow games to be build for desktop builds, allowing more quality and larger games to come to blockchain.
  • Currently there are no launcher platforms (such as Steam) for blockchain. Paid2Play will be the first.

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