Pre Alpha Checklist: /unstuck and more.

  1. All players holding 100k MIST tokens, or tier 3–5 NFTs will be able to enter. You can buy NFTs from other players on our Marketplace. Also winners of Whitelist Round 1 will be able to enter.
  2. Commands in-game, like “ /unstuck “ will be helpful.
  3. The game will be ready May 9th at 8pm UTC. Players will download a .zip file with the game launcher in it. More details on this tomorrow.
  4. Get your BSC Testnet BNB. This is very important. (See below for instructions on how to do this). Add BSC Testnet info to your Metamask.
  5. Bug Reporting will be a task for all players. If you see a bug, tell us!
  6. Remember, this is Pre Alpha Testing phase 1. Many phases will exist and we will start testing from most basic to more advanced systems. Pre alpha will evolve as we finish tests.

The Almighty “ /unstuck ” Command. Remember this one.

How and When to Download the Game?

Connect to Testnet and Get a BNB

  • Step 1 is to Connect to Binance Smart Chain TestNet
  • Step 2 is to obtain a TestNet BNB From the Official BSC Faucet
  1. Connect your wallet to BSC TestNet (You are currently on BSC Mainnet, switching to TestNet is easy and takes just 1 click):

Bug Reporting. How You Can Help the Devs.

Remember. This is Pre Alpha Testing. Re-post of Prior Article Below.



  • Server load and performance
  • Character controller and action combat system
  • Basic physical combat, basic ranged combat, and basic spell combat
  • Functional basic NFT item and stats import
  • Large-scale in-game environment performance
  • Functional basic stats system with working bonuses
  • Most races playable (some females, but not all)
  • Functional basic blockchain transactions
  • Functional basic shopkeep system merged to blockchain
  • And much more to test


  • Larger player count and server load
  • NFT crafting system build-out testing
  • Remaining character races and gender will be added as we finish testing on previous ones
  • Addition of different items, weapons, and cities to test performance and polygons
  • PVP earning competitions
  • Guild System build-out
  • Mist Bank optimization (staking and banking)
  • Full NFT Land buildout (custom farms, custom fishery, custom mines, and more)
  • Optimized mount system
  • and much, much more to test as we finish testing the above

The Mist World and Item Models

Learn More About Mist:



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