Priest: Class Abilities

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2 min readApr 20, 2022

The Priest.

Priests channel light energy to heal and support their teammates, while corrupting and exorcising their enemies. Their divine connections help their teammates stay alive and protected.

A Priest renounces most worldly pursuits of pleasure, and aims to help those in need, and those in peril. For a Priest, a single soul saved is worth more than any amount of gold.

With daily prayers, penance, and spiritual healing, a Priest keeps his faith strong.

Priests don’t usually take the spotlight in a fight, as their main roles are to keep their teammates alive and strengthen them. However each team member knows that without their Priest, they would be a weaker team.

But as strong support players, a Priest can change the whole flow of a battle with well-placed heals, protection spells, and crowd control.

Priest Abilities


You cast a curse on your target, dealing 180% spell damage over 9 seconds. 2 second cast.

Holy Light
You provide holy connection to your target, healing for 150% spell damage. 2.5 second cast.

Bubble of Light
You enclose your target in a bubble of holy light, absorbing 120% of spell damage from all damage. 1 second cast.

Not Worthy
You show the target pure goodness and light, blinding them for 3 seconds. 1 second cast.

Divine Pulse
You send pulses of holy energy out, healing all allies within 6 meters for 80% of spell damage per second, for 3 seconds.

Do you want to be a Priest?

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