Race Abilities: Leonin

Selecting the race is one of the most important decision that a player can make. The reason this selection is important is not only for the lore elements that makes a race, but also for the adjustment players need to make whilst playing each race as a character. Some races will not be able to select certain classes. On top of this there are added abilities each race possess.

Here in this article we will dive more into the Leonin Race to understand who Leonin are, what their abilities are as well as their personality.

Leonin has been the occupants of the north side of Ona Kavu island for centuries. They live in groups called “Prides”. These prides have their own rules, own stories and tradition. Although the prides can show some difference, overall Leonin have certain rules that they do not break no matter what pride they belong to.

Leonin are curious by nature, this leads them to explore the territories around them. However, they usually come back to their homeland after their hunts or territorial exploration missions. Hunting is very integral in Leonin Culture. Some say that for a Leonin to become a respected member of the pride, he/she needs to participate in hunts and demonstrate that he is a skillful hunter.

What are unique features of Leonin in terms of gameplay?

(These abilities are subject to change as we balance game mechanics and skills)

Ability 1: King of the Jungle:
This is a passive ability. It gives Leonin extra damage against beasts or other animals. This ability makes them an excellent selection for quicker farming.

Ability 2: Stalker:
This is also a passive ability. It gives Leonin extra speed during movement. It cancels for 10 seconds after Leonin is stunned or crippled.

Ability 3: Ambush:
This ability gives Leonin an extra damage whilst attacking from behind. Combined with stalker it makes them an excellent chaser during Pvp or battleground.

Ability 4: Vicious Claw
This ability gives slows an enemy by 25% for 4 seconds when casted.

Ability 5: On the prowl
This ability increases attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds when casted.

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