The Mist Chain: A Game-Changer for the Metaverse

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3 min readApr 25, 2023



We’re taking this up a level. Or a few levels.

Mist is launching Mist Chain: a fully EVM Compatible Blockchain to support all dAPPS (including Games) with fast, low-cost transactions.

All builders can transition to Mist Chain in 1 click and deploy smart contracts/games. Mist Chain is fully EVM Compatible, and dAPPS can be deployed with Solidity, requiring no change in code.

Mist Chain will be supported by the $MIST token (yes, the current Mist token). The Testnet will go live for users in about a week, and we’ll announce the date soon.

We will be providing support and grants to projects and teams looking to develop and deploy on Mist Chain.

A History of Groundbreaking Developments

Launching our own blockchain is a natural progression for Mist.

With our history of groundbreaking innovations, such as the first 3D NFT Marketplace, the first high-quality MMO on blockchain, P2P NFT Auction House, and the seamless Mist Wallet, the Mist Chain is the next step in our journey to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

We level up.

A Long Time in Development

Our development team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the Mist Chain to life. This groundbreaking technology has been in development for a long time, we are happy to take Mist Metaverse to new levels.

The Mist Chain: A Seamless Solution for Games (and all other dAPPS)

One of the core features of the Mist Chain is its potential to serve as a seamless blockchain solution for various projects (dAPPS and Games). Developers can explore the possibility of migrating their existing projects or games to the Mist Chain or even build new games upon it.

This flexibility offers numerous potential benefits, such as:

  • Fully EVM Compatible Blockchain, specifically tailored for Gaming and open to all new builders.
  • Full smart contract functionality, to take gaming to new heights.
  • Build with solidity. No need to change languages.
  • Deploy smart contracts simply and easily.
  • Supported with MIST token.
  • Fast and cheap transactions.
  • One-click MetaMask integration.

IMPORTANT: Exploring the Benefits and Viability of the Mist Chain

While we are thrilled to unveil the Mist Chain, we also recognize that its implementation is an ongoing process. Our team will continue to research and develop the Mist Chain, exploring its potential benefits and use cases within the Mist Metaverse.

WE WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR: We are extremely excited for Mist Chain. Beyond words. However our primary development task remains the Mist MMO. We are not changing course on this. The Mist Chain will be another potential arm of the Mist Metaverse Ecosystem, and we are currently treating it as a research and development task to assess its use cases.

The Mist Chain will be a focus of the Blockchain and Research and Development arms of the Studio.

In the mean time, support and grants for projects looking to build on Mist Chain will be carried out as well to make transitions to Mist Chain smooth and easy for projects. More details to come on this.

Inviting Users to Join the Testnet

To smoothen the Mist Chain’s launch, we’ll be launching a fully functional testnet, open to all users. This week we will invite our community to join us in testing the viability of the Mist Chain and providing valuable feedback to help shape the future of the Mist Metaverse.

We will conduct a competition and marketing event to select the first testnet users, and offer rewards for participation in the event as well as the testnet. We will share more info on this soon.

The Mist Chain represents a new era for the Mist Metaverse and the blockchain gaming industry as a whole. We’re excited to share this groundbreaking innovation with our community and look forward to the incredible possibilities it will unlock.

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